Sentient labs is where we build, research, and patent cutting-edge AI techniques. We work across disciplines, internally, and with a wide array of skilled research institutions and universities on the common goal of advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence. With fourteen patents–and more on the way–we combine our unique mix of experienced AI practitioners with the scale of our massively distributed AI platform to change whole disciplines–and the world–for the better.


Deep learning is a key focus for us here at Sentient. For us, deep learning is a key part of our work with visual intelligence. It informs the products we sell–like Sentient Aware–and the research we do. We’re especially interested in end-to-end training, modular models, and multiple layers of abstraction. Some of our recent research focuses on massive, unlabelled datasets, such as deep learning applied to raw video.


Sentient Answering Critical Questions


Evolutionary computation (EC) mimics the principles of biology. It allows AI to evolve and find its own solutions, adapting, evolving, mutating, and breeding better and better ideas. Some of our recent research includes work on novelty search, which incentivizes AI to find creative–or novel–solutions to prevent overfitting and our newest product, Sentient Ascend, leverages EC to optimize websites from vast numbers of potential variable combinations.



At Sentient, neuroevolution is the application of evolutionary AI techniques to neural networks themselves. To put it another way, it’s AI training AI, or, more specifically, AI designing AI architectures. It’s a kind of combination of several disciplines, where the end result is an AI that can restructure, evolve, and breed neural networks for optimal results and fitness.


AI should be more than just theory. At Sentient, we believe in not just advancing research but applying that research, our theories, and our network to solving complicated problems. We work both internally and externally, with world class institutions like MIT and Oxford, to find those answers. Here are a few of our projects.


How Sentient is helping optimize crop yield and transform the future of food production

Many problems still disrupt the agriculture world including extreme wastefulness of water, non-arable land, and distribution challenges.

  • About 69 percent of freshwater is devoted to agriculture worldwide, with 60 percent of it being wasted via runoff into waterways and evaporation.
  • Only 10.9 percent of the land on earth is considered arable land, or land that can be farmed.
  • Food is usually not grown where it is consumed. An apple that you buy from a grocery store is often picked 11 months ago—at that point it is not much more than a ball of sugar.

What if you could create the optimal growing conditions for crops? Not only that, but what if you could contain those crops in controlled environments so you could not only measure every relevant nutrient and variable but also, eventually, grow optimized crops anywhere?

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How Sentient is helping predict Sepsis in the ICU

Sepsis strikes one million patients in the United States every year. Up to 50 percent of those afflicted die—far more than from prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined—and it costs $20 billion every year in treatment and preventative care.

The good news: Physiologic data, specifically arterial blood pressure and heart rates, can be used to predict the onset of sepsis. The bad news: The sheer size of that data makes it too expensive and complex for healthcare providers to continuously monitor and analyze.

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How an iPhone game is helping revolutionize the online shopping experience

Online shopping can be a less than ideal experience. With shoppers needing to work within the constructs of software applications that rely on relational databases, finding what they’re looking for without lots of trial and error is difficult.

That’s because shopping based on information organized by text, metadata and tags is inefficient, disjointed, culturally based and cumbersome. To take the next step forward, online retailers need to offer a more intuitive, far more visual online shopping experience.

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Sentient Labs is the place where AI researchers can put theory into practice. We have millions of CPUs and thousands of GPUs in our network and we use them to advance our research–we’re at fourteen patents and growing– and to answer practical questions. Sentient Labs has interns, folks on scholarship, visiting professors, and full-time AI practitioners all collaborating for a common goal: to solve the world’s most complex problems. We’d love it if you joined us.