Sentient is proud to present its new podcast series: “The Optimization Podcast: Experts in CRO and Website Testing.” In this series, we interview veteran website testers and CRO experts to demystify the art of website optimization. Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds, from digital marketing teams of midsize and enterprise companies, to digital and creative agencies that serve a number of different clients, to specified conversion consultancies that have spent years optimizing website conversions.

We hope you enjoy them!

Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing, Bellhops

Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing at Bellhops, was recently featured on The Optimization Podcast where he discussed his philosophy behind testing. He explains why assumptions need to be made because we’ll never have good enough data to make a definitive choice, and why we should always be testing. He also discusses his methodology behind testing, from ideation to analysis.

About Eric

Eric Nalbone is the VP of Marketing for Bellhops, a tech-enabled moving platform, where he’s responsible for building a high-performance growth engine & world-class moving brand. Prior to his time at Bellhops, Eric spent time as the Head of Performance Marketing at Kabbage running digital customer acquisition activities and eBay managing a variety of marketing channels. Eric graduated from Princeton in 2009 with a BA in Economics and lives with his wife, two dogs, and two retired thoroughbred racehorses outside Atlanta, GA.

Sam Miller, Consultant, Cognifide

About Sam

Dr. Samuel Miller is a Digital Consultant at Cognifide where he advises clients on how to deliver value from technology and digital transformations. In this role, he has worked on formulating a digital platform strategy for Diageo and is currently focused on implementing a global web analytics platform for EY. Prior to Cognifide, he worked at Dunnhumby designing and building their digital recommender products for Tesco as a digital personalization analyst. He holds a PhD in the Psychology of Language and uses this lens to help deliver insights across projects.

Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer, ShowMax

What are the best practices of website testing? CRO expert and CPO of ShowMax, Barron Ernst, discusses this topic and more on this edition of The Optimization Podcast. Ensuring that there is an underlying reason why you decided to test a site variation and looking at the big picture metrics — not just the metrics you’re testing — are some of the many bits of wisdom he imparts on listeners. He also has tips for new testers, including ways of avoiding “analysis paralysis,” a real phenomena in which website testers spend more time figuring out what is the best hypothesis to test than they are actually testing.

About Barron

Barron is the Chief Product Officer for Showmax (A Naspers Company), which is an SVOD offering that’s bringing 10000+ hours of on-demand video to South Africa, Poland, Kenya, and Sub-saharan Africa. Since launch in 2015, Showmax is one of the top SVOD and OTT offerings in its core markets of Poland, South Africa, and Kenya and has brought original programming and Hollywood content.

Francesco Orlandino, Senior Digital Marketer, An enterprise B2C shoe retailer

About Francesco

Francesco Orlandino is a Digital, eCommerce and Brand Marketing professional with almost 10 years experience in various global roles in FMCG, Retail, and the Sporting Goods industries. Francesco is a regular lecturer on the topic of digital marketing at a number of universities including Cambridge University, and consults for a number of start-ups and NGOs. Francesco is also agile scrum certified and is a self-proclaimed globetrotter–having lived in 4 countries and 2 continent.

Owen Larkin, CRO Consultant and Founder, Lowground Records

About Owen

Owen Larkin is Co-Founder and CEO of Lowground Records, a digitally-integrated music business built on a direct connection between musicians and their fans. Owen has extensive experience helping startups and established companies launch new products and services, with a focus on building knowledge and teams based around the intersection of tech, marketing and analytics. He has an MBA from the University of Virginia, where he focused on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation.

David Gowan, Managing Director, Browser to Buyer

About David

A world-leading expert in conversion optimization, Dave has spent the last seven years delivering huge website revenue increases for over 60 companies worldwide including Orange, Tottenham Hotspur football club, the Post Office and the Financial Times. He is founder and managing director of Browser to Buyer, an expert conversion optimization agency who combine data with user research to identify exactly what stops users from converting, then run tests using psychology and persuasion principles to convince them to buy.

Samantha Kerr, Senior CRO Manager, Hanapin Marketing

About Samantha

Samantha is the Senior CRO Manager for Hanapin Marketing. She has a degree in Informatics from Indiana University and a passion for web design. Samantha has worked with the likes of Shoe Carnival, Rustica Hardware, Rallysport, and Murphy Door. She blogs regularly on PPC Hero about CRO and has spoken at the all PPC conference series, Hero Conf.

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