Our vision for the future of commerce transforms every interaction

In an age where every interaction is becoming digital, we see a future where artificial intelligence can transform customer journeys and help businesses engage their patrons in new and exciting ways. Whether you are banking online, contacting sales, paying a friend back, or buying groceries at the local market, artificial intelligence has the power to reshape every experience.

Evolutionary Intelligence


Knowing what products to present to your shoppers has always been more of an art than a science. While product recommendation engines have gained traction on most ecommerce sites, the vast majority of them fall short of delivering truly personalized product selections. Artificial intelligence is opening the door to a new way of relating your products to your shoppers. Providing a much more nuanced and deep understanding of your product catalog and the ability to understand each shopper’s intent in the moment, AI delivers on the promise of intelligent merchandising–the 1:1 personalized experience that delivers engagement throughout the customer journey, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Learn more about how Sentient is applying its distributed artificial intelligence platform to achieve the promise of intelligent merchandising through our product recommendation engine.


You work tirelessly to make sure that every interaction your customers have with your site increases their connection with your business and their desire to transact. But as sites continue to grow more complex, and audiences keep evolving, the challenge of keeping your design as efficient and frictionless as possible has reached new heights. Artificial intelligence now allows for a new type of intelligent site design, which augments and multiplies the creative decisions of marketing teams, knowing how best to evolve your site designs, copy, images, and even interaction flow. Intelligent site design understands which of your presentations best match your users’ tastes as they move through the customer journey.

Learn more about how Sentient is applying its distributed artificial intelligence platform to revolutionize the customer journey through intelligent site design.


Sentient is committed to bringing the power of artificial intelligence to bear on the customer journey, to create truly efficient digital marketplaces that get buyers to the products and services they want, easily and enjoyably, and gives sellers the ability to achieve new profitability. For those that join us in our journey, we will deliver new ways of thinking about old problems. We’d like to share our vision of the future of commerce with you, and hear yours.

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