Sentient Weighs in at Techonomy & Wired2015

Our executives recently had the opportunity to discuss issues of the day with innovators, investors and entrepreneurs defining the future at two prominent technology conferences. In Half Moon Bay, our co-founder and chief scientist Babak Hodjat spoke at the annual Techonomy conference on how businesses are harnessing the power of new intelligent business machines. Our CEO, Antoine Blondeau, also recently spoke at Wired2015 in the UK, providing a recap on where we are with AI today and where we will see the technology enable solutions in the future.

Approaching the Techonomy 2015 theme of “Re-Humanizing Society,” Babak shared a panel, moderated by WIRED’s Jessi Hempel, on how machines and networks are becoming active actors in the enhancement of every human being. In addition to networking with other executives from leading brands, Babak had a chance to provide his thoughts on how the prolific Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit from AI.

As Babak explains, Sentient’s unique vision for distributed artificial intelligence foresees AI computation at the same level as where the data is produced. Unlike traditional systems that require data collected from a sensor to be delivered to a central database for processing, Sentient’s distributed artificial intelligence can make decisions at the local level. This overall model, Babak explains, reduces bandwidth and can increase security around personal data.

At WIRED2015, Antoine set the stage for how he co-founded Sentient with Babak Hodjat. Explicating on the scale of Sentient’s AI, Antoine discusses how our distributed artificial intelligence can be applied to finance, healthcare and ecommerce. You can listen to Antoine’s talk here:

Antoine explains that leveraging Sentient’s distributed compute – the world’s largest (and growing)– we can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. To do this, we need to help people and companies make more informed decisions by expanding the dimension of what our AI can experience. Antoine told WIRED2015 that the key to this big next step is to allow AI to “sense” more about the world, giving it access to images, video and text and other content so that it can more fully appreciate the context of information.

While we’ve proven our capabilities in using distributed artificial intelligence in healthcare and trading our recent announcement with demonstrates our latest example in expanding our sensory experiences. We’re excited to apply our visual intelligence, what we’re calling Sentient Aware for e-Commerce, to shoe shopping but it can also adapt to many different types of industries, from apparel and furniture, to housewares and automobiles.

Stay tuned.

Babak spoke at Techonomy on November 9 at The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Antoine’s WIRED2015 talk was presented on October 16 at the London Tobacco Dock.