Robert Scoble and Mobile Monday Panel Discuss the Future of Context

Scoble Mobile Monday Panel

This week a panel of tech experts gathered at the Orange Research Center in San Francisco to discuss the future of context on mobile.

“Age of Context” author Robert Scoble moderated the panel, with our Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Babak Hodjat joining experts from Intel, Yahoo!, Orange, SwiftKey and Alohar (an Alibaba Company).

The panel discussed how we can make more use of context, to help consumers make better decisions while creating more effective, less intrusive advertising. To get there, they talked about how you need personal compute to graph living models from the data all around you – from your health data contained on your Fitbit or smartwatch, to the location (even when indoors) provided by your smartphone.

One of the most consistent themes that arose was that as the proliferation of devices you wear or interact with increases, so does the data available with which you can interpret and apply AI to at scale to make smarter decisions. The panel discussed the increasing intrusion that the collection of this data might cause and whether privacy would be a concern. The point was raised that in the context of the simple user, a lot of the data processing could happen on device and not need to be taken off into the cloud, affording the user a level of privacy not possible before distributed AI was available.


Babak Momo Mobile Monday Panel

The panel touched on the impact of AI across many different applications – from drones, to toys, to industrial systems. They discussed how the commercialization of machine intelligence is delivering truly personalized computing, with companies like Google placing more emphasis on providing more useful assistance to consumers with the likes of Google Now On Tap and Apple with its predictive assistance.

In closing, the panel discussed how as we move into an era of distributed AI, software is changing from doing what we tell it to do, to using context and probability for autonomous decision-making, something that has until now been incredibly hard to do.

Watch the full panel here to find out more: