What to expect from Sentient Ascend’s brand new UI

Sentient Ascend works by using your best ideas to evolve better converting customer experiences. Today we’re announcing that we’ve evolved our UI for your experience as a customer of Sentient Ascend. And we can’t thank you enough for helping us get here.

We’ve listened to your comments and suggestions and we think our new editor will make the creation and management of your Ascend experiments easier and more intuitive. A lot of our current users may recognize the editor and some of you have even been using it as your primary interface. Today, this new UI rolls out to everyone (though, if you still love the old one, you can keep using that too!). Here’s what you need to know:

Experiments view

Here, you’ll see your past, live, and draft experiments in a single view. Click on any of them to view or edit the pages in that experiment’s funnel. You’ll also create your new experiments by clicking the bright orange button in the upper right corner.

Funnel view

We know our users really like that they can do full funnel tests on Ascend and we’ve tried to simplify the way you create funnels and add pages. Just use the left side to navigate from page to page and element to element. Clicking the “+” will let you add a new page–like a product detail page or a join now page–to the funnel for an experiment.

Editor view

Our new editor is where we spent the most time and we think it shows. It’s more intuitive, cleaner, and will help you get your tests up and running faster.

Just click an element on your page to start the editing process! You’ll use the left rail to navigate from page to page and element to element. Each of the elements you edit here are of course added to the experiment you’re running. Moreover, the new editor allows you to run concurrent experiments with different goals across any sites you control. Here’s a quick 30 second look at it in action!

So what’s next for Ascend? We’re making more and more improvements, that’s what. In fact, in the coming months, you can expect audience and revenue segmentation and a whole host of other improvements. And, of course, let us know what you’d like to see added. We’d love to hear from you.

New to Ascend or just want to see it in action? We’ve got you covered there too. Come check out our webinar next week with ABUV Media. You’ll learn what Ascend can do and have a chance to ask whatever questions you might have. Hope to see you there!