What AI Can Tell Us About Media Bias, the Upcoming Election, and the Future of Business

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Nello Cristianini here at the Sentient offices in San Francisco. Nello is a professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Bristol, an author of three books on machine learning and bioinformatics, as well as one of our scientific advisors. In addition to giving a nice chat to the company over a hearty burrito lunch, he had a few minutes to sit down for an interview about the state of the art in AI today.

Here are four short videos with Nello’s responses to some of the most important questions in the field of artificial intelligence today:

Is there gender bias in news media?

Nello explains the research and findings behind his recent paper “Women Are Seen More than Heard in Online Newspapers.”

Can AI actually change the scientific method?

How have massive advances in compute power and storehouses of valuable data change the scientific method? Or can they?

Will social media replace opinion polling?

Nello explains how traditional opinion polls are actually a lot like analyzing social media: inherently biased.

What is the future of AI?

Lastly, we asked Nello about how AI will transform enterprise and what to expect in the field over the next five years. Here’s what he had to say.

How will AI transform enterprise?

We’d again like to thank Nello for sitting down and helping us make more sense of the state of the art in AI today. We learned a ton and hope you did too. And, if you’re interested in reading some of Professor Cristianini’s recent papers, head here for the scoop.