The Best Testing Practices – Interview with Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer of Showmax

“One of the big mistakes a lot of people make is that they forget to look at the full funnel metrics, they only look at the top-line metrics.”

What are the best practices of website testing? CRO expert and CPO of ShowMax, Barron Ernst, discusses this topic and more on this edition of The Optimization Podcast. Ensuring that there is an underlying reason why you decided to test a site variation and looking at the big picture metrics — not just the metrics you’re testing — are some of the many bits of wisdom he imparts on listeners. He also has tips for new testers, including ways of avoiding “analysis paralysis,” a real phenomena in which website testers spend more time figuring out what is the best hypothesis to test than they are actually testing.

For more sage advice, listen to the podcast below.

About Barron…

Barron is the Chief Product Officer for Showmax (A Naspers Company), which is an SVOD offering that’s bringing 10000+ hours of on-demand video to South Africa, Poland, Kenya, and Sub-saharan Africa. Since launch in 2015, Showmax is one of the top SVOD and OTT offerings in it’s core markets of Poland, South Africa, and Kenya and has brought original programming and Hollywood content.

Prior to that, Barron was the Senior Director of Mobile and Growth for Naspers. Naspers (JSE: NPN) is a multinational global platform operator with principal operations in Internet services (focusing on e-commerce), pay-TV and print media, with assets spread across Eastern and Central Europe, China, Russia, Latin America, India, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Naspers also owns minority interests in two listed, integrated social network platforms: Tencent (China) and (Russia). In this role, he served as a product, growth, and marketing advisor to the Naspers portfolio of companies.

Barron also regularly blogs about growth and product management at