Why Single-Page Application (SPA) Support is Important

The travel industry is increasingly reliant on frameworks to develop intuitive SPAs.

Single page applications, or SPAs (no, not the kind with cucumbers), are notoriously tough to optimize. From a technology perspective, they’re far more complicated than static websites: they’re dynamic, reacting to user inputs without reloading or moving from the page itself, and that means traditional conversion rate optimization tools simply don’t work.

This SPA…

Many solutions might advertise they work with SPAs, but the reality is a little murkier. Some make you to pay for enterprise packages, dramatically increasing cost. Others say they offer SPA support but actually require hundreds of hours of professional services to integrate their software. That costs both money and time.

Here’s how Ascend works with SPAs: Out of the box. With no additional integration.

…not this spa. Sorry.


Setting up SPA experiments with Sentient Ascend is no different than setting them up on a static page. It doesn’t cost more and we don’t send out tech guys to bother your I.T. department. Like every Ascend experiment, testing on SPAs leverages the same genetic algorithms that allow to test tens of thousands of potential combinations, all in a single test.

Want us to show you how? We’d be happy to. Just get in touch and we’ll get you set up.