Sentient Technologies Named One of San Francisco’s Best Places to Work

2016-SFBT-SVBJ-BPTW-Logo-digitalWe’re proud to announce that Sentient is officially one of San Francisco’s best places to work! Out of over 400 total applicants, Sentient ranked 12th among all small businesses, with a score of 94.05.

So what does that score actually mean and where does it come from? The score itself is a simple 1 to 100 scale meant to gauge research-validated workplace factors that impact how happy and engaged employees are. Where the score comes from is a bit more crucial. The folks at Quantum Workplace sent confidential surveys to individual employees, who anonymously answered a series of questions about culture, career opportunities, management practices, compensation, and so on. Importantly, for a company to even be considered, a hefty majority of employees needed to respond. That means the findings aren’t culled from self-selected departments, but from the company as a whole.

VP of Human Resources John Owens (left) and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Babak Hodjat (right)

The study was carried out by the San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and Quantum Workplace. We’d like to thank them all for the honor and the resplendent trophy our co-founder and Chief Scientist Babak Hodjat and VP of HR John Owens are showing off above.

If you’d like to join our team and help solve some of the world’s most complicated problems, we’re hiring.