Sentient Speaks at High Profile Conferences in January: DLD & RE.WORK

What will be the next bold moves in Artificial Intelligence in 2016? Find out by following the conversations at prominent, global business and technology events such as DLD and RE.WORK where Sentient executives will be speaking this January.


Chief executive officer and co-founder, Antoine Blondeau, will be sharing the stage with the likes of Airbnb’s co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Arianna Huffington founder of The Huffington Post, Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix, Instagram and others at the Digital Life Design (DLD) in Munich, January 17-19. Speaking to 1000 attendees, “The Next Next” DLD conference will bring together the most influential opinion-makers, industry leaders, start-ups and digital giants. These interdisciplinary thought leaders will converge for crossover conversation and inspiration. As a luminary in the field of artificial intelligence, Antoine will bring his insight and hear perspectives from other industry leaders to see where AI can continue to help make a different in the world and solve complex problems from across many different industries, from healthcare and finance, to retail and ecommerce.


Sentient’s chief technology officer, Nigel Duffy, will be reprising his role from last year to discuss the significant progress being made in the areas of visual intelligence and deep learning at RE.WORK’s Deep Learning Summit. The annual conference will convene deep learning experts to cover topics in neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition and other technical topics within AI. Nigel recently gave an interview with RE.WORK to discuss how deep learning will change retail.

As Nigel will explain in this RE.WORK talk, purchase decisions are often most strongly influenced by images. Understanding users’ visual intent is essential to reducing friction and increasing conversion in both mobile and online environments for consumers. This talk will discuss visual learning technologies that aid decision-making by observing, interpreting and evaluating consumer interactions with visual content of all types. Nigel will focus on the technology’s ability to extract meaning from images and to make precise predictions about users’ preferences. He will discuss applications of this technology and how it will transform the world of retail and ecommerce.

We’re looking forward to talking to prominent thought leaders and experts in artificial intelligence at these two upcoming shows. If you’ll be attending, let us know via a tweet (@SentientDAI) or in the comments below! We’ll keep you updated on what we thought of the shows.