Sentient Premieres on the Front Cover of Retail CIO Outlook Magazine

Sentient recently appeared on the front cover of Retail CIO Outlook’s  online magazine in their February 2018 edition on artificial intelligence based solutions to retail. The front cover boasts the images of both Sentient CEO and Founder(s) Babak Hodjat and Antoine Blondeau, calling Sentient “The Retail Trailblazers” in reference to Sentient’s ecommerce personalization product, Sentient Aware.

Retail CIO Outlook talks about Sentient Aware’s ability to leverage deep learning technology to understand the similarities of images in a product catalog and more efficiently address the needs of shoppers.

“There is no reason why catalogs cannot behave like a shopping assistant would, which means intelligently responding to how you browse and walk through [a store].”

Retail CIO Outlook also lists Sentient as one of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers of 2018, a list which also includes companies like NVIDIA, Zylotech, and To read the full magazine click here.

We are glad that Sentient Aware is being recognized as the front running technology for ecommerce personalization in retail. For more information and press opportunities please contact us.