Sentient Joins Top Execs from Google, Vodafone, HSBC and Kiva Systems at Founder’s Forum London


Recently, our CEO and Co-founder, Antoine Blondeau, took part in two panels at the Founder’s Forum in London that gathered 400 leading digital and technology entrepreneurs together to engage in open debate, brainstorming, discussion and problem solving.

Speaking at the event’s headline panel entitled ‘The Future of Work’, Antoine joined industry executives Vittorio Colao, Group CEO, Vodafone;  Steve Bottomley, Group General Manager, HSBC; Mick Mountz, Founder & CEO, Kiva Systems and Paul Willmott, Director at McKinsey.

As part of ‘The Future of Work’ discussion, the panel touched on how artificial intelligence can solve problems humans cannot, as opposed to tackling tasks which humans already do well.

The conversation centered around the critical role that education will play in the future – not education as we know it today, but the constant re-education and re-training of our workforce so that we can quickly adapt to a fast-changing world. The panel emphasized how diversity in the workforce is a source of creativity and performance, and why the future belongs to non-homogeneous organizations.



Later that day, Antoine joined the Artificial Intelligence panel, which was standing room only, that explored AI and what it can accomplish.

Antoine was joined by AI industry luminaries including, Demis Hassabis, of Google’s DeepMind, Lord Rees, Astronomer Royal from the University of Cambridge; Murray Shanahan, Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London and Hermann Hauser, Co-Founder of Amadeus Partners.

Up for consideration was the state of AI today with respect to its science and applications. The panel also discussed which forces have enabled the breakthroughs we’ve seen in AI and machine learning – a combination of more mature algorithms, the increasing availability of large data sets and access to massive amounts of compute.

Is AI a threat to humankind? No. Will society need to put safeguards in place for the rise of AI? Yes. What can AI help solve within the next five years? Some of the world’s most complex problems. These questions were all debated in a robust and enlightening panel discussion.

Sentient will be taking part in more AI panels later this summer – stay tuned!