Sentient Adds to its Patent Portfolio – This Time with Massively Distributed Age-Layered Evolutionary Computation

Here at Sentient, we’ve developed what we believe to be the world’s most powerful distributed artificial intelligence system, which we use to build innovative products that solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Our work in using AI-derived strategies for trading, and in creating a new navigational paradigm for ecommerce with Sentient Aware are examples of some of these products.

Our work on driving the power and capabilities of our platform, and in pushing the state of the art in artificial intelligence in general, continues unabated. Through innovative research partnerships with the likes of MIT and others, we’re creating new methods for solving even larger and more complex problems. We’ve created many new inventions in the field, and are expanding our efforts in core research.

Hormoz Shahrzad holding his superhero patent trophy

Recently, we were granted our eighth patent, US patent number 9,256,837, based on a new invention from our co-founder and chief scientist Babak Hodjat and Hormoz Shahrzad, one of Sentient’s first employees. The patent covers a technique that enables Sentient to run massively distributed age-layered evolutionary computation called “shadow individuals.” This invention gives us greater efficiency and accuracy in using evolutionary algorithms at scale, such as we do in the development of investment strategies, where we’ve evaluated trillions of potential candidate strategies.

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