Sentient adds to its AI patent list and attracts additional advisors

There’s certainly a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence these days. Everyone has an opinion on what we might expect when it comes to artificial intelligence. Here at Sentient, we are continuing to push the artificial intelligence boundaries to advance and complement human intelligence with the goal of finding solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Coming off the momentum of our recent series C funding announcement, we have also added to our patent portfolio and gained support from leading advisors in the areas of artificial intelligence and ecommerce.

Sentient now has 15 U.S. patents – 6 issued and 9 pending. These newly granted patents are benchmarking the technologies behind our unique artificial intelligence. The most recent patents acknowledge the unique way Sentient distributes its Evolutionary Algorithms (EA). EA is the artificial intelligence being distributed over our massive grid. Each CPU on the grid houses a small EA which digests a piece of the large sets of data we filter through. With millions of nodes – each with an EA – we will be able to source solutions without having all of our data in one place at one time.

The second development is the welcome addition of two new advisors who are poised to help us in their respective specialties. Nello Cristianini, a well-respected professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Bristol, further extends our artificial intelligence expertise. You may have heard of Nello through his numerous books on machine learning or as one of the “most influential scientists of the decade” as reported by Thomson Reuters.

Also joining us as an advisor is Michael Scharff who brings more than two decades of retail experience to add to our growing ecommerce expertise. Michael commands a wealth of leadership experience through established and well-known retailers such as Toys R Us, Staples and Best Buy.

These developments are adding to our unique story and will enable us to expand the reach of our patented Distributed Artificial Intelligence to more markets. We hope you will continue to stay tuned as we share more exciting developments in the coming weeks.

-The Sentient Team