Remembering Marvin Minsky

“We are on the threshold of an era that will be strongly influenced, and quite possibly dominated, by intelligent problem-solving machines.” – Marvin Minsky

Recently hundreds of people gathered at Stanford University to celebrate the life of AI pioneer Marvin Minsky, who recently passed away at the age of 88. Marvin had many notable accomplishments but perhaps the ones he was best known for include inventing the confocal scanning microscope, founding the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with John McCarthy, and creating a theoretical framework in which to build machines that could understand as well as calculate.

Sentient was at the event to capture technology leaders’ thoughts about Marvin and we are pleased to share them with the world through a video gallery, which puts some of the best stories and interviews from the remembrance event in one place.

Marvin Minsky Remembrance Gallery
Marvin Minsky Remembrance Gallery

Marvin was a pioneering computer scientist, cognitive scientist, and roboticist, a fellow of IEEE and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was the recipient of numerous honors and awards, among them the Turing Award, the IEEE Computer Society’s Computer Pioneer Award, and the Franklin Institute’s Benjamin Franklin Medal.

The event was organized by distinguished researcher and Marvin’s good friends Ted Selker and Henry Lieberman, a research scientist at the Minsky Institute for AI at MIT CSAIL, to provide a place for people who knew and learned from his work to share memories of how he touched and influenced their lives.

Hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence organization, the remembrance event featured prominent speakers including: Ray Kurzweil, Danny Bobrow, Carl Hewitt, Henry Lieberman, Fanya Montalvo, Ken Salisbury, David Stork, Terry Winograd, David Henkel-Wallace and Ted Selker.

Each told stories of how Marvin impacted their lives, the success stories of work they collaborated with him on, and recalled some of the scientific breakthroughs that Marvin accomplished.

We hope you too enjoy reflecting on Marvin’s life through our Marvin Minsky Remembrance Gallery.