The latest from the Sentient Ascend product team

July 2017

It has been an exciting month of July for the Ascend team!

Thank you to all of our partners who have provided feedback and have contributed to the product development process. We have made numerous updates and improvements to the functionality of the product, which are introduced below:

Manual goals

We have added a new goal type – ‘Manual’ – which allows you to set an API call as the objective of your experiment. For customers who want more control over when and why a goal is fired, this is the choice for you.

Adobe Analytics Integration

Adding to our existing Google Analytics integration, we have added an integration to Adobe SiteCatalyst. When integrated, Ascend will pass the pertinent experiment and candidate information into Adobe SiteCatalyst using Adobe eVars and an Ascend s.prop traffic variable. This is now available under the settings > analytics integrations for your website.

Audience Filters

Audience filters are now live for all new experiments. Filters allow you to target your experiments to a pre-defined group of your users, such as those on a particular device type or coming in from an advertising campaign. To set up your first filter, navigate to your account settings page and click on ‘define audience.’ If you would like to set a filter up for an older experiment, please reach out to your customer success or solutions engineering agent.

Element Breadcrumbs

One of the greatest barriers to successfully launching an experiment has been the usability of the Editor to add values to the experiment. In order to help users access the specific element on the DOM they are trying to apply a change to, we are adding a DOM tree, eg: div > div > button, that can be used to access parts of the page that may not be easily accessible.

Export all candidate code

We want to make sure that every experiment yields value that is tangible to our customers. In order to support that vision, we have enabled an ‘export all’ functionality in the more information page of each Ascend candidate. This feature allows users to copy all of the code that makes a candidate, so that it can be implemented in a production environment.

The theme for July has been flexibility in experiment creation – from the support of an additional goal type, to the added controls in the Editor experience to make sure that you are making changes to the right element on your page.

For the next several months, our teams will be hard at work on the experiment creation flow, the insights reports, and improvements to overall site navigation. As always, feel free to reach out to us with requests and feedback!