New Video Series: Big Book of Ascend Ideas with Sam Nazari

We are excited to launch a new video series dedicated to providing helpful tips and tricks for CRO and marketing professionals.

Over the coming weeks, one of our sales engineers for Sentient Ascend, Sam Nazari, will share some key conversion insights into what we have learned from our customers, spanning 36 million users and 9 million conversions.

The series stems from the Big Book of Ascend Ideas, a helpful guide for CRO professionals to achieve the best in conversion results.

In this first episode, Sam gives a general introduction to Ascend and how it uses state-of-the-art evolutionary intelligence to create the best-performing layout for our clients’ websites, reducing test times and increasing conversion.

Check it out below!

We’re eager to hear your own ideas or areas you’d like us to explore for future episodes. Please add your comments to the video or tweet @SentientDAI.

Stay tuned for our next episode in the coming weeks!