Why do you keep wasting your conversion improvement ideas?

There are plenty of reasons the best conversion optimization ideas don’t get implemented. Sometimes, it’s because there just isn’t enough traffic to test them all. Sometimes, it’s because you can’t get the boss to buy into trying something new. Sometimes, tests win but implementing them is more trouble than the small gains you’d get.

But most often, your ideas don’t get implemented because you don’t have the time–or the traffic–to test them.

Marketers and CRO professionals have tons of smart ideas and, if you’re like most of them, you know that the experiments that show the biggest improvements are often the one’s you don’t expect. Conversion rate optimization is surprising that way. Sure, you know your audience, you know your brand, and you know what you think will resonate, but in practice, winning tests aren’t what you’d expect.

We see this time and time again. “Free shipping” messages losing to ones that trumpet “Family Owned since 1983.” Recommendations removed in favor of cleaner designs. Pink forms with white buttons. These aren’t the sort of tests you’d expect to win but they’re exactly the ones that actually do.

Ok, so what’s that mean?

What we’re getting at here is that you really never can tell which tests will win, so when you’re prioritizing which test to try next, chances are, you’re not going to pick that winning counter-intuitive idea. In other words, your best ideas are likely sitting on a spreadsheet, languishing, waiting for other tests to finish so, eventually, you can try them.

The reason for this is simple: your tools are holding you back. A/B solutions and even multivariate testing platforms are slow. They require a lot of time and traffic to analyze a test and, since only about 1 in 6 tests are even successful, you’re unlikely to find a bunch of winners in a given quarter or year.

But a new approach to conversion rate optimization might be the answer. Using AI instead of legacy tech, Sentient Ascend lets marketers test all their ideas at once. In other words, instead of guessing which ideas will work, you can just try them all and actually find out. Not only that, but Ascend evolves over time, combining your promising ideas with each other over successive generations to find the ones that convert better and better. That means constant, continuous optimization. Ascend can even test multiple pages in a single experiment so you can optimize an entire funnel simultaneously.

Right now, most of us are guessing at the ideas we think will move the needle, even while knowing that our best assumptions are so often wrong. With AI, you remove that step and replace prioritizing ideas with actually generating them.

In other words, AI means leveraging your creativity, not your ability to guess. And that means you’ll stop leaving those good ideas on the cutting room floor and start actually improving your site. Get started now.