How a lingerie company increased conversions by 38% with just robots

Cosabella is a family-run, family-owned lingerie company whose wares are sold at major retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstroms. And while most people don’t think of innovation in the lingerie space, with Cosabella, it’s a real thing. They pioneered countless trends–from bodysuits in the mid ’80s to the popularization of colored lingerie and the thong craze of the ’90s—and launched a website back in 1996, when finding a retailer online was far, far rarer than it is today.

As Cosabella grew, they, like so many other businesses, wanted to expand. That meant beefing up their direct-to-consumer sales while staying true to their family-run, family-owned ethic. And as an innovator, they didn’t look to old legacy tools and tired solutions. Instead, they invested in artificial intelligence.

And what happened when this luxury lingerie brand turned to cutting edge AI? They saw massive gains in their bottom line, empowered their best employees, and learned a lot more about their customers.

One area Cosabella improved with AI was their web optimization efforts. They had used agencies and A/B solutions before, but they weren’t happy with the results. They didn’t move the needle much and they were far too slow. After hearing Sentient Ascend could let them test more ideas a whole lot faster, they decided to give it a try. The results speak for themselves: they improved their conversion rate by 38% in a few short months.

How? Well, they combined their best employee’s smartest ideas with artificial intelligence. Like most brands, they had a great website but that site still made a lot of assumptions about what their customers wanted. By using an AI-powered conversion rate optimization tool, they were able to challenge those assumptions and find a better design. Here’s what they learned about their site–and their customers:

  • Culture matters: Most sites use rewards messaging in their banner and Cosabella was no exception. They had a traditional “free shipping” message up there. But their winning design replaced that tired phrase with something that reflected their values. Their site now proudly proclaims “Family Owned Since 1983.”
  • Fun sells: Cosabella’s original site design employed elegant black buttons. Customers, however, preferred a playful pink.
  • Bigger images, bigger sales: This is one a lot of retailers have discovered: increasing product image size increases revenue. Cosabella’s 38% improvement was partially driven by bigger pictures.

Cosabella had a lot of ideas–most smart marketers do, after all. But with Ascend, instead of waiting years to try them all, they found they could try tons at once, arriving at double-digit gains quickly. Now? They’re trying their next round of AI-powered testing, hoping to drive up revenue even more.

Remember: most sites are making a ton of assumptions about what their customers want. And even as marketers test and test and test some more, A/B solutions are limited and slow. With AI, you can learn what your customers really want and improve revenues while you’re doing it.