Hello world, we are Sentient! 

It is amazing what we have achieved since 2007, when we first imagined creating a powerful system to solve an ambitious problem. Even from our early days, it seemed obvious to us that the only way to achieve this would be by harnessing the power of scalable distributed artificial intelligence, making effective use of massive processing capacity.

With this singular vision in mind, we set out to solve many problems. The industry has long recognized that in order to deliver artificial intelligence it requires an immense amount of computing power – months of computing across hundreds of thousands of CPUs – in order to search the unfathomably large search spaces to deliver a solution.

Assuming there was a cost-effective artificial intelligence solution available, where could a company find the necessary processing capacity at such a scale to power artificial intelligence? How could solutions be validated on such large data sets? How does one apply the same principles to solving problems across diverse domains, such as finance, healthcare, ecommerce and entertainment? We understand these issues and have answered them with what we are doing today at Sentient.

This is a proud moment for us, being able to finally talk about our quest and our achievements. We cordially invite the world to join us in our passionate vision of helping humanity by solving the most difficult problems using the most powerful platform we can build: massively distributed artificial intelligence.