“Game Changer AI”: Sentient CEO Speaks at DMEXCO 2017

Sentient CEO and Founder Babak Hodjat, spoke about conversion optimization and user experience at the “Game Changer AI: The Impact for the Advertising Industry” panel at the DMEXCO conference in Cologne.

DMEXCO, which stands for Digital Marketing Expo and Conference, has become a giant in the world of digital marketing conferences with a total of 50,700 attendees, 1,013 exhibitors, and 570 speakers from around the world. Digiday calls DMEXCO the “Gut of Ad tech”, a microcosm of the ad tech landscape where everyone in the digital ad supply chain is there conducting business and forming new partnerships.

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This year Sentient made a speaking appearance and manned a booth at the conference alongside bigwigs like Facebook, Samsung, Ikea, and Procter and Gamble, and Unilever. Sentient CEO Babak Hodjat spoke alongside Beck Kloss at Ebay, Jordan Bitterman at IBM, and Rajeev Goel at Pubmatic at the Game Changer AI panel about how AI is being used to optimize website conversion rates and enhance user experience in online shopping.

Here are some words from Babak on the panel:

“In the case of Aware–How do you enable the AI shopping journey? You first have AI learn what there is for sale and then represent the user in the same way a personal shopper would. When users go to the website (Sketchers or Sunglasses Hut, for instance) and start interacting with the content there, the AI [is learning from] and keying off of the user’s very first click and onward, not from any historical data.

That first item you click on gives the AI a notion of “Ah! This is the subset of features that are interesting.” Meanwhile, the items you didn’t click on make the AI understand the subset of features you find less interesting. And as you continue to click through the items, the AI is really able to hone in on what it is you are looking for. So conversion rates go up by a factor of 20-40%, simply because the AI understands what there is for sale [and what the customer wants]. [It is going by] current click interactions, not any historical or cohort based data.

In the case of Ascend–I’ll give you an example of our customer Clickso, who has 14 websites in 11 different countries. Some of its sites were not getting enough traffic to be able to do A/B testing to test new designs. Our AI, however, was able to affect improvements in conversion rates in the factor of 15-18% , even on low traffic, comparing tens of thousands to millions of different combinations of designs. The AI decides based on the feedback it’s getting in real time from its users which design is the best.”

For the full live stream panel recording click here (3:48-3:53).

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