How cyborg marketers are beating human marketers

Often times, when you read about artificial intelligence, the boogie man of technological unemployment isn’t far behind. Pessimistic prognosticators have been saying this for quite some time, in fact. But when you think about AI, it’s often more accurate to think of it not as a replacement, but as an aid or some kind of super-charged intern.

This is especially true for marketers. The truth is, AI isn’t here to take your job. Quite the opposite: AI is here to make you better at it.

After all, marketers, like pretty much everyone else, are stretched thin. Work gets done, sure, but it piles up at the same time. And though much of marketing is about generating ideas, being creative, and seeing what resonates with customers, an outsized percentage of a marketer’s time is spent analyzing data, fussing with automation tools, and other time-consuming nuisances.

In other words, most marketers spend too much time doing anything other than marketing.

But advances in AI are empowering marketers to get that time back and make bigger, far more substantial gains for their brands than ever before. Where are they happening? At essentially every level of the marketing stack, from ad buys to nurture campaigns and everything inbetween. And in basically all those deployments, AI is doing a similar thing: allowing marketers to leverage their skills and creativity.

Cyborg marketers: picture this, but way less violent

With AI, things are different. Instead of testing a single idea, you can test dozens or hundreds at once. Have a copy change you want to try out? You can test that, and a few other from the team, as well as some new hero images, different button colors, removing clutter from your funnel, and adding trust symbols, all in a single experiment. No more twiddling your thumbs while you wait to see if you chose the right idea to test this time around. With AI, marketers arrive at their best ideas–and prune their worst ones–in the time it used to take to try just one.

That’s the power of AI. And it’s the sort of thing marketers should expect from every deployment of artificial intelligence. Not a competitor or a job stealer, but an aide that will make your life easier and your role invaluable.

And, of course, if you’d like to test out the AI-powered conversion rate optimization tool we mentioned above, we’ve got you covered. Let us know and we’ll set something up.