Busted: 5 conversion myths

If you’ve done any conversion rate optimization in the past, you probably know better than to make assumptions. It’s hard to tell what moves the needle. Ideas you’re really excited about often fail and small tweaks can sometimes make a big difference.

It’s also true that every audience is unique. The assumptions most sites make about what their customers actually want are just that: assumptions. And those assumptions are based on some best practices that site designers and CRO experts have spread throughout the industry. But for some sites, those best practices are anything but. In fact, they’re myths. Here are five myths our customers have uncovered using AI-powered conversion rate optimization:

Red buttons aren’t the best buttons

This form increased conversions by 45%!

Red buttons convert better than drab ones, but red isn’t some sort of, uh, silver bullet. Basically, you want to be testing bright colors for your buttons, but ones that fit your color scheme. We’ve seen orange, pink, bright green, and even white outperform red.

Your recommendations might be hurting you

It’s commonly assumed that more personalization is better. And oftentimes, it is! But there are times when having additional products on a page hurts. It can sidetrack users and incentivize them to go elsewhere. Our friends at Disruptive Advertising found that removing recommendations from a client home page increased conversions by 31%!

Your site is too cluttered

That point we made above about recommendations can be extrapolated to plenty of other parts of your site. The reality is, a lot of brands just keep adding things to pages that often distract users. More offers, new products, better rewards, and the like can have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

“Free shipping” isn’t a big deal

Look. Everyone likes free shipping. But are you sure that’s the best message to show your users? One of our Ascend Partners named Cosabella discovered that replacing that standard message with one that reflected their company values actually helped drive conversions. “Family Owned since 1983” outperformed “Free shipping” as part of a test that saw their conversions jump by 38%.

Your font size is too small. No really.

For your headers and your button copy, you need to try making your font bigger. Is it already big? It’s not big enough. We’ve seen button copy at outrageous–nearly obnoxious–sizes improving conversions.

The thing is, what you assume about your site and your customers almost certainly isn’t all correct. Sure, some of it is, but if you’re not testing everything, you simply can’t be sure. Our AI-powered CRO solution–we call it Sentient Ascend–can help. Unlike legacy A/B solutions, AI lets you test all these ideas at once, combining the most promising ones for your audience, and finding the best design in your entire search space. If you want to give it a shot, we’d be happy to show you how it works.