Antoine Blondeau Speaks at ITU’s AI for Good Global Summit

AI is already changing the way many of us live. It helps us find relevant information online, helps doctors diagnose diseases, handles our complex finances, and so much more. Yet, for a lot of the world’s population–especially the less fortunate–AI hasn’t yet made substantive inroads into their day-to-day lives. But that doesn’t mean things will stay that way. In fact, AI has incredible potential to make really important impacts on that exact population. And that’s exactly what the AI for Good Global Summit, held earlier this month in Geneva, was all about.

The AI for Good Summit boasted a phenomenal slate of speakers, including Andrew Ng of Coursera, Harry Shum of Microsoft, Fei-Fei Li of Google Cloud, Peter Norvig of Google, and Gary Marcus of Uber Labs, just to name a few. Sentient’s Co-founder and Chairman, Antoine Blondeau, also had a chance to speak and we wanted to share some exciting breakthroughs he highlighted during his talk.

Antoine’s presentation covered many groundbreaking uses of artificial intelligence that we are currently researching and using across many industries. One use of ‘AI for good’ that Antoine discussed was the use of AI in agriculture. He spoke of the CyberAg research project that we conducted with the use of Food Computers from the Open Agriculture Initiative. The general purpose of this speaking point was to show how AI is optimizing very complex systems and may be able to help fix many more world problems. Another example Antoine discussed was the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. He explained how we are taking steps toward creating a world where everyone will have their own AI that helps keep them healthy through recommendations from data sensors. Imagine if everyone optimized their diets with the help of AI to create a world where the best physical state was the norm.

Lastly, a main speaking point in Antoine’s presentation was the use of ‘portable AI’ for every consumer. Eventually as devices become really smart they will be able to shield the consumers from the power of brands. ‘Portable AI’ will enable consumers to use a proxy to do their shopping and everything on the web, and that has the potential to put consumers in control of their online lives.

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