Personalization is Key to Retailer Success

Personalization is a challenge for retailers, but one with a big potential payoff. According to eMarketer, Digital shoppers:

  • Buy more when retailers take browsing and buying history into account
  • Believe that personalization improves the overall shopping experience
  • Are more responsive when emails are personalized

What’s Inside

  • Marketers Stuck on Basic Data for Personalization
  • How Far Along Are Retailers in Tech Adoption
  • Those Promo Email Offers? They Better Get Personalized
  • What Gets Shoppers to Log Into Sites?
  • Digital Device Use Influences $1.7 Trillion in In-Store Retail Sales
  • Marketers Struggle to Map Multichannel Customers’ Journeys
  • Tech Mash-Up Paves Path for Frictionless Digital Commerce
  • Department Stores Vying for Digital Relevance

“When June 2015 polling by Econsultancy in association with Signal asked senior-level marketers in North America about the effect of their data-related marketing investments, 36% said these had a strong positive effect.”