Since 1971, Sunglass Hut has been selling fashionable and inspiring performance eyewear. Starting out as a single kiosk in a Miami-Dade shopping mall, Sunglass Hut now sells eyewear to thousands of shoppers throughout the United States every day. Their challenge: Translating their customers’ personalized in-store shopping experience to e-commerce.

Traditional recommendation systems and cohort-based personalization just couldn’t replicate the customer-centric approach that the Sunglass Hut team looked for, so Shannon Rose and her team decided to see what AI could do for their online shoppers and decided to try Sentient Aware.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How Sunglass Hut achieved a 21% higher conversion rate and 8% increase in average order value
  • Why Sunglass Hut decided to use Sentient Aware
  • Where Sunglass Hut plans to expand their use of Sentient Aware

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