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Stop optimizing for devices and start optimizing for experiences.

Sentient Aware is AI-personalization designed for the mobile-first world. With a single-API integration to Sentient’s AI Shopper Engine™, you can deploy frictionless, intuitive and personalized shopping experiences across all your digital channels, starting with the one your shoppers use most: mobile.

Better experiences on every device

Aware is an AI-powered shopping experience for a mobile-first world. Aware uses images, not words, to analyze buyer intent and gets your shoppers to the products they love in less time and with less fuss. And while Aware excels on mobile—increasing conversion rates three times over—it works seamlessly on any device.

True, in-the-moment personalization

Every customer is unique. But most personalization solutions use historical data and cohort analysis of “users like you” in the shopping journey. That’s not personal. Aware analyzes each customer’s unique behavior, in-the-moment, to merchandise your catalog for their tastes. Don’t rely on stale data about what other shoppers bought. Get true personalization instead.

Immediate catalog understanding

Aware doesn’t need to sit in the background of your site for months to learn your catalog. In fact, it’s ready to personalize every shopper’s journey the moment it’s implemented.




Aware uses Sentient’s distributed artificial intelligence platform to understand your products and how they relate to each other in hundreds of visual and data dimensions.

Aware’s online learning capabilities understand your shopper’s intent based on their real-time and/or historical activity.

It combines its understanding of the products and your shoppers to deliver new, better performing customer experiences—better product selection, better navigation, and better recommendations—across all of your key digital touchpoints.


What is visual search technology?

Visual search technology comes in many varieties but all approaches center on the fact that it’s easier to find what you want looking at a product than typing out a description of it. At Sentient, our Aware platform analyzes the images themselves on hundreds of vectors, understanding what the product is and, importantly, what other products are similar to the user’s search intent.

When is visual search useful?

Visual search is ideal for products we buy largely based on their appearance–think clothes and apparel and home decor, for example. Products that are more utilitarian don’t work nearly as well. After all, you’d never buy a nail or a screw based on how it looked; you’d buy it based on its size and if it’ll get the job done. Visual search gives users a more intuitive way to find products, more like browsing a store that evolves to their taste then interacting with a spreadsheet.

How is personalization done in ecommerce?

Traditionally, ecommerce personalization hasn’t been all that personal. Brands have used things like emails with first names or cohort recommendation–think “users like you also purchased”–as personalization strategies. Aware is different. It uses each click of each individual user to surface products that fit that user’s sense of style. It doesn’t use historical data or groups of similar uses: it analyzes unique shoppers, in-the-moment. It’s true personalization.

What is a product recommendation engine?

A product recommendation engine helps customers easily find the products they’re looking for. Some engines are based on the products a user has viewed, purchased, or otherwise interacted with in the past. Other software products such as Sentient Aware assist shoppers find what they’re looking for in-the-moment instead. This helps ensure that customers always find the products they are specifically looking for each time they visit your website and not products they may no longer be interested in.

How do you build a product recommendation engine?

Most recommendation engines require you to keep track of every customer click and action, then group them into myriad cohorts, sort of like a vast collection of venn diagrams. And even then, you’re relying on historical data that relies on old patterns that may no longer be valid. Aware saves brands from both those chores. It doesn’t need tons of outdated, historical data because it’s driven by its understanding of data-rich product images.


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