Find out in this case study how Euroflorist embarked on a four month testing journey with Sentient Ascend and increased their purchases by a whopping 4.3%. Euroflorist, one of Europe’s leading flower delivery companies, makes most of their revenue from online sales, selling an average of two million bouquets annually from 19 locations across 11 countries. Knowing how crucial online sales is to their success, Euroflorist took it upon themselves to venture out and find the best tool for website conversion optimization–Sentient Ascend. In the Spring of 2017, Euroflorist along with Online Dialogue embraced Sentient Ascend for a POC (proof of concept) on their Swedish site and were amazed by the results they saw.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How EuroFlorist optimized their product page with Sentient Ascend
  • How AI-Based multivariate testing can result in high efficiency and increased conversions
  • The costs and benefits of Sentient Ascend’s multivariate testing over AB testing

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