Deep Learning


Inspired by the way the brain works, Sentient’s intent­-powered intelligence technology analyzes image-based interactions in order to deeply understand a user’s intent and preferences. It then curates content and recommends actions based on that understanding. By combining deep learning and proprietary technologies, Sentient is transforming the user experience in everything from ecommerce to social media.

At the core of this experience is an intent-detection and content curation engine unlike any other AI system available today. It continuously refines, organizes and delivers experiences tailored to a user’s specific needs in that moment. It detects the user’s immediate intent, rather than relying on text search, metadata, historical data derived from previous sessions or marketing cohorts. The result is a better customer experience and more relevant content.

Backed by the use of idle or dark GPU cycles that make up our proprietary and massively distributed compute resource, this intent-detection and content curation engine uses visual perception to consume any amount of images and easily integrates into existing workflows, making it ideal for a broad range of markets beyond e­commerce. As we add more sensory receptors to this engine, it will understand many different content types, including extended visual media (images and video), sound (voice, music) and text.

Imagine applying Intent-based Intelligence technology to movies, where our system can intuit what a person wants to watch. Or in travel, where our system can accurately identify the vacation package a person is most likely to choose. The possibilities of such as system are limitless and we are excited to see the innovations and results it creates for our customers and their consumers.