Sentient’s Advanced Development Group works in partnership with the world’s largest organizations to develop new products that leverage Sentient’s distributed artificial intelligence platform. Sentient’s ability to apply multiple forms of artificial intelligence at unprecedented scale allows us to solve challenging problems which were previously unsolvable, and drive new opportunities that are only now attainable.


We work jointly with major corporations, top technology startups, non-profit organizations, government and political agencies, and health organizations to develop AI-powered solutions that empower individuals and organizations to derive high-value insights and make better decisions more quickly.

The results? AI helps these businesses unlock meaningful value—not just by increasing their bottom line, but by enriching people’s lives. With over $143 million in funding, we’re not bound by traditional constraints. Our sole allegiance is to our mission: addressing big problems that our AI technology is uniquely equipped to solve.


Evolutionary Intelligence

Drill down to core problems and identify opportunities


Company provides an initial data set for analysis

Conduct initial exploration of data to understand use case and market opportunity

Negotiate business terms and proof of concept

We are currently engaged in new product development with leaders in the worlds of cybersecurity, insurance, prescriptive maintenance, and health care, and continue to partner with organizations across all industries and sectors to explore how Sentient’s AI can help them achieve breakthrough goals.


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